Financing Options and Payment Plans for Birmingham Area Dental Crowns

Everyone should have a smile that they can be happy about. This can come at a cost, however, given the complexity of a dental problem and the given solution that’s required. We at Maniscalco Cosmetic and General Dentistry know that paying for dental procedures, even necessary dental treatments, can put a strain on your wallet. That is why we offer financing plans and treatment options to meet your needs. Patients throughout the Birmingham area have used these plans to help pay for dental crowns and many other smile enhancement and restoration needs.

The Average Cost of Dental Crowns

Because of the personalized nature of the dental crown procedures, it’s hard to estimate how much a typical procedure can run. Variation of costs can be from the number of appointments to the material used, and the type of dental crown needed. Therefore, it is important that you receive a proper consultation by us to determine the exact nature of the problem, and subsequent costs.

Methods of Payment for Dental Crowns

Given this price attached to dental crowns, Maniscalco Cosmetic and General Dentistry wants to make paying for them as easy and convenient as possible. We accept cash, check, and major credit cards, and we are also happy to answer all of your queries regarding our payment options and financing plans, which can ease your financial burden.

Contact our Birmingham Area Dental Crowns Office

Determining the right payment plan for you and your needs is dependent on many factors. It essentially comes down to your financial situation, the treatment that you need to undergo, and how these two issues interact. The staff here at Maniscalco Cosmetic and General Dentistry will be happy to answer all of your questions and address all of your concerns about your payment options so that you can make the best decision for your current and projected financial situation.