Dental Crowns Procedure

The Procedure for Placing Dental Crowns – Birmingham

The placement of dental crowns is a deliberate, step-by-step procedure that’s generally straightforward. Dr. Michael Maniscalco uses all of his expertise in crafting beautiful dental restorations for his patients. We’d like to show you the basic dental crowns procedure at our Birmingham dental practice so you understand what is involved and how the treatment can benefit you.

Prepping the Tooth

The first step is to prep your tooth to receive dental crownsa dental crown. This will involve the removal of compromised tooth structure. Dr. Maniscalco will use digital x-rays and other advanced diagnostic techniques to ensure that He removes as little tooth structure as possible. Maintaining natural tooth structure is a key component of our approach to dental care.

Taking Impressions

Once the tooth has been prepped, an impression will be taken of the prepped tooth. From this impression, the shape and structure of your dental crown will be created. Dr. Maniscalco will also consider the material used to create the dental crown. In some cases, a porcelain dental crown will be the best option, while in other cases a zirconium dental crown may be more ideal. It really depends on each patient’s unique dental care needs.

Temporary Crowns and the Creation of the Permanent Crown

The impression of the tooth and other information will be sent to a dental lab so that the dental crown can be crafted. Dr. Maniscalco has strong relationships with his dental labs and maintains these ties because of the quality work they perform.

The crafting of the dental crown will require roughly 7 to 10 business days. In the interim, you will wear a temporary dental crown. During your visit to our Birmingham practice, Dr. Maniscalco will give you detailed instructions on how to care for this temporary dental crown.

Placement of the Dental Crown and Final Adjustments

When the permanent dental crown is ready, you will return to the practice. The temporary dental crown will be removed and the permanent crown placed. Dr. Maniscalco will make sure that the dental crown fits properly on the tooth and that it also fits properly with your adjacent teeth.

You see, it’s not just about the dental crown looking good on its own, but how the dental crown functions and makes contact with your other teeth. Dr. Maniscalco will use his skills as a dentist as well as a sculptor to ensure your dental crown is perfectly placed. Digital x-rays will be used to ensure the perfect fit so you do not face complications in the future.

Long-Term Care for Your Dental Crowns

dental crownsDr. Maniscalco is committed to the long-term wellness of his patients. That means He stresses various preventative measures as a way toward lasting dental health. Once you have your dental crown in place, He will provide you with information on how to take care of the crown. Working together with Dr. Maniscalco, you can ensure that your dental crown lasts a lifetime.

Learn More About Dental Crowns in Birmingham

The dental crown procedure at our practice ensures that you receive the best possible treatment and that the crown is properly placed. To learn more about dental crowns, be sure to contact our Birmingham cosmetic and restorative dentistry practice today. Dr. Maniscalco and his team are eager to meet you in person and to discuss your dental health goals.