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Risks and Benefits of Dental Crowns – Birmingham

Dental crowns are a great treatment option for patients who have teeth that are severely damaged or decayed. With that in mind, it’s important that each patient goes into treatment with a full understanding of the risks and benefits involved. Dr. Michael Maniscalco always ensures that his patients get all the information they need so that they can make informed decisions about their dental health. Right now, the team at our Birmingham dental practice would like to discuss the pros and cons of dental crowns.

Benefits of Dental Crowns

Dental crowns offer patients a number of dental crownsadvantages over other dental restoration options. For one, dental crowns are the best way to save a tooth that has been severely chipped, cracked, or decayed. When in place, the dental crown will protect a tooth from further harm and provide a natural and aesthetically pleasing appearance. Any pain or sensitivity associated with the tooth damage will be greatly diminished, and bite strength will be restored.

Risks of Dental Crowns

Any dental care treatment that you undergo entails a certain amount of risk. With dental crowns, the most common risks to consider are poor fitting of the crown and trauma to the tooth during the treatment process. If a dental crown doesn’t fit properly, it can damage the crown as well as the surrounding teeth, and it can also lead to tooth grinding. Since prepping a tooth for a dental crown involves the removal of tooth structure, this may mean damage to the internal structures of the tooth and the need for a root canal some time in the future.

Limiting Risks Through Experience and Skill

One of the ways that you can limit the risks of dental crowns is to go to an experienced Birmingham dentist.  Dr. Maniscalco has a strong understanding of dental materials and spatial relations. Using this skill, He will ensure that your dental crown fits properly. This will entail digital x-rays, deep consideration of the crown materials, and fine adjustments of the dental crown once in place. He will make sure that the dental crown looks great on its own and fits properly with your other teeth, with particular attention paid to the points of contact between your other teeth.

As for limiting the removal of tooth structure, Dr. Maniscalco will always take a conservative approach to dental care. This means considering alternatives to dental crowns first. These dental crown alternatives involve less removal of tooth structure. This helps promote the lasting quality of a patient’s dental health.

Alternatives to Dental Crowns

Dental CrownsThe most common alternatives to dental crowns are inlays and onlays. These are dental restorations that are similar to dental fillings but are used to restore more substantial amounts of tooth structure. Dr. Maniscalco can discuss these and other options with you in more detail during your consultation.


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As you can see, dental crowns provide many great advantages to patients. When possible, we will be sure to use a more conservative treatment as that is always in your best interest. For more information about dental crowns, contact our Birmingham cosmetic and restorative dentistry practice today. Dr. Maniscalco and his team look forward to your visit.