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Sometimes a tooth can get severely chipped, cracked, eroded, or decayed. Not only does
this harm the appearance of a smile, it can also lead to severe discomfort and other dental problems. Dr. Michael Maniscalco is able to restore both the beauty and health of damaged teeth using porcelain and zirconium dental crowns. Many patients throughout the Birmingham area have benefited from his knowledge.

Perfect for Severe Dental Decay, Injuries, and Emergencies

Dental CrownsDental crowns are caps that fit right over a tooth. This protects the affected tooth from further harm, reduces the pain or sensitivity a patient may experience, and provides an aesthetically appealing appearance.

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Strong, Secure, and Properly Placed

Dr. Maniscalco prides himself on quality care. When placing the dental crown, He will
make sure that the crown looks natural and also fits perfectly with the rest of your teeth.
It’s never just about the dental crown itself, but how the dental crown functions as a part of the whole.

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Experience You Can Trust

Dr. Maniscalco uses his knowledge of spatial relations and shape when He adjusts the final dental crown for a perfect fit. We will also provide you with the knowledge you need to help your dental crowns last a lifetime.

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A Green and Conservative Approach That Stresses Wellness & Good Sense.   We are here to Provide a Service & not market!

While dental crowns are excellent for many patients, we always stress that a natural tooth
is preferable to any dental restoration. The more natural tooth structure that you can keep, the better. That’s why we take a conservative approach to dental crowns and other restorative treatments at our Birmingham practice. This helps with overall patient wellness and well-being, and it’s just part of our commitment to the long-term dental health of our patients.

Your Mouth represents who you are.  You Breathe, Eat, Talk, and Smile with your mouth.  It is our job to help you preserve your mouth.  One aspect that many people forget is the wear that your teeth go dental crownsthrough especially if you grind your teeth.  If you wear the surfaces down you will lose vertical dimension and this will affect more than just your smile.  To guard against this we make a strong, very comfortable, and very effective night guard as a service to all.  Grinding on teeth causes vertical loss which is one of the worst things that can happen to a mouth.  With vertical loss the jaw collapses (causing TMJ problems, the weakening and fracture of teeth, wrinkles and aging in the face, and extreme wear or spacing on anterior teeth).  Once you lose vertical the only way to  correct the problem is to crown almost all the teeth.  To prevent this and to inspire people to take quick protective action we provide a night guard for a very reasonable price.

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We encourage you to browse through our website so you can learn more about dental crowns and how they can help restore the appearance and the health of your smile. To schedule a visit, contact our Birmingham cosmetic and restorative dentistry practice today. Dr. Maniscalco and the team look forward to meeting you in person.